JV Update (Tuesday, June 3nd)

What a GREAT launch. We ended up doing just shy of $180K because of your support. We appreciate you!
Here are the overall final Leaderboard results:
  • James Jones ($2,000.00)
  • Jeremy Gislason ($750.00)
  • Daniel Hall ($500.00)
  • Eric Holmlund ($300.oo)
  • Paul Counts ($250.00)

All prize money has now been sent out via PayPal and checks. And, a big chunk of commissions have been paid, with more coming. We do have a 30-Day refund period so please be patient. Also, if you haven’t submitted your W-9 to the team, please contact us. We’ve got to get that on file. Thanks!

Thanks to those folks just outside the overall leaderboard and deserving of Honorable Mentions: Jeff Wellman, Max Rylski, Mike Stewart, Bobby Walker and Jeremiah V.  You guys all did really AWESOME.  And, as a matter of reference… to get a “Top 5” spot on the leaderboard required a minimum of $17,000 in sales.
We sold $40K worth of PS Instant Expert yesterday. Pretty crazy and very exciting. Furthermore, conversions on the Front End VSL + Exit Pop were 12% yesterday. Hot, hot, hot!
Congrats to all the winners!
Thanks again for all of your support. Let’s do this again soon.  🙂