JV Update (Thursday, May 29th)

First, I’m extremely excited to give you some numbers…

  • EPCs are still holding at $2.45 (even with some “junk” traffic!)
  • Front End is converting at 8.47% (that’s great for $27 product…)
  • We passed $50K in sales last night (we’re at $58K right now)

So, we’re converting your traffic into buyers and we’re doing everything we can to increase conversions and EPCs for you. We constantly test, tweak and tune to increase the amount of money you make. Second, Jeremy Gislason was able to edge our Eric Holmlund and James J. Jones for the $500 28-May Gunslinger Contest. Congratulations, Jeremy!

Third, we’re running another Gunslinger Contest starting today and going through Friday the 30th at midnight (Nanacast time).  So, you’ve got about 36 hours from right now to win.  Most combined sales (FE, OTO, Downsell) will win $1,000 in cash. Who’s gonna take it? Anyone can win…

Fourth, here’s a quick look at the overall leaderboard:

  1. Jeremy Gislason
  2. James J. Jones (just 7 sales behind Jeremy)
  3. Daniel Hall (not far behind JJJ)
  4. Paul Counts (closing in on DH)
  5. Eric Holmlund (2 sales behind Paul)
  6. Jeff Wellman (steady stream of sales…)
  7. Max Rylski (rapidly moving up!)
  8. Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos (cookie love)
  9. Dave Guindon (2 behind Jason and Wil)
  10. Bobby Walker (4 sales behind Dave)

PS Instant Expert is converting so well that anyone can win this if they are mailing and pushing traffic to the offer.