JV Update (Monday, June 2nd)

We’re now over $140K in sales with PS Instant Expert. It’s the final day “frenzy” and sales are pouring in and conversions are going up, up, up.

Front end conversions are just about 8% on the front end and the OTO and DS are crushing it. Your emails in these final hours matter… big time. So, don’t miss out on the frenzy! 🙂

We just sent out $2,650 for the “Choose Your Own Prize” this Saturday and Sunday. Everyone’s been paid out. Thank you James, Eric, Jeremy, Daniel, Paul, Max, Jeff, Jeremiah, Bobby and Mike. You guys did awesome!

For today, your best best is going to be Swipe #10 (“Last Call”), Swipe #1 (review everything they get) or maybe Swipe #11 (9 ways to make money).

Here’s a look at the overall leaderboard:

  1. James J. Jones
  2. Jeremy & Simon
  3. Eric Holmlund
  4. Daniel Hall
  5. Paul Counts
  6. Max Rylski
  7. Jeff Wellman
  8. Mike Stewart
  9. Bobby Walker
  10. Jeremiah V.

It’s still anyone’s opportunity. And, EPCs are sky high. W00t!  🙂

There is still time to strike and move up. But, not much… keep up the great work. We really appreciate you!