JV Update (Saturday, May 31st)

First, the numbers are still outstanding! When you mail, you make money…

  • We passed $100K in sales today! Woo hoo…
  • EPCs are still holding at $2.32 (very nice!)
  • Front End is converting at 7.56% (still very hot…)

Second, Jeremy won the $1,000 48-hour contest running from Thursday to Friday. Congratulations!

Third, we’re running “Choose Your Bonus” Contest starting today and going through Sunday the 1st of June at midnight (Nanacast time).  So, you’ve got about 36 hours from right now to win more money.  (You MUST mail to be eligible.) Grab as much as you want! 🙂

  • 500 Front end sales –$2000.00 bonus PLUS 20 American Silver Eagles!
  • 200 Front end sales –$800.00 bonus PLUS 10 American Silver Eagles!
  • 100 Front end sales –$500.00 bonus
  • 50 Front end sales — $250.00 bonus
  • 20 Front end sales — $100.00 bonus

Fourth, here’s a quick look at the overall leaderboard:

  1. Jeremy Gislason
  2. James Jones
  3. Daniel Hall
  4. Eric Holmlund
  5. Paul Counts
  6. Jeffrey Wellman
  7. Max Rylski
  8. Michael Stewart
  9. Bobby walker
  10. Dave Guindon

There is still time to strike and move up. But, not much… keep up the great work. We really appreciate you!