“Learn Photoshop in 3 Hours Flat!”

Hi, my name is Jay Boyer. And on this page, I’m going to reveal 9 different ways that you can be making money with online images.

For example…How would you like to collect $120 again and again from a cell phone snapshot that you probably have loaded up on your iPhone right now?

Or how about getting paid $83 per hour for you to “play” with images or photos? Does that sound like fun to you?


Imagine turning a hobby that you may be dabbling in right now, and transform it into a full-time income that earns you over $80 per hour. That’ works out to over $160,000 per year. Would income like that make a difference in your life? If so, I recommend that you read this letter all the way through. Because as I am about to reveal to you, all of this is possible — and so much more — simply by learning a few new skills, and leveraging a very special online tool that literally ANYBODY can master in just a few hours. But first…

Let me introduce myself and my partners.

My name is Jay Boyer. In the middle is my business partner and friend John S. Rhodes.

And also our good buddy Tony Laidig, boy is that guy smart. He’s not only a world-class photographer, web designer, and Photoshop expert, but also a fantastic teacher and trainer. Tony’s helped thousands of people (just as we have) get up and running and making money online, and we want you to be our next success story…by using nothing but online images.

And speaking of images, let me take you back in a time machine. This was the internet back in 1996. Everything was text, text, text with very little in the way of images.
This is exactly what the internet looked like in 1996 where everything was text, text, text with very little in the way of images.


Now, let’s fast forward to today, the web is all about images. Just look at social media sites like Pinterest, for example, photos, graphics, visuals and eye-catching designs are everywhere, and if you’re not giving your visitors eye candy like this, you and your business are going to be left behind.


Do you remember how long it took to download any kind of image at all with the dial up connection? Well, the fact is graphics didn’t have a chance to take off like they have now because the internet speeds were so painfully slow, and of course, that’s all changed today with the introduction of high-speed internet and high-fidelity images.

In fact, today the number one reason that web visitors click and consume information and buy anything online is largely due to beautiful images and photographs, product demos and designs that can now be displayed online.

Image is also the future of communications.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.07.25 PM

Image messaging like this has essentially replaced text messaging, and as such it’s literally the future of communication online these days.

Look at the chart below. As you can see, pictures and graphics or images are being shared more than any other type of content. More than video, more than texts, more than product reviews and blog comments, pictures are what people are using more than anything else online right now.


Of course, it’s no surprise that the most popular content on social media is, what else, pictures and images. 43 percent of people sharing content on social media are sharing stuff like photographs and memes, and how about big business? Well, believe it or not, photos make up 75 percent of brand making Facebook posts.

Why? Well, it’s quite simple, it’s because businesses know that this type of content is what’s generating the most consumer clicks and shares and buzz around their brand.

What about banner ads? Banner ads are supposed to be dead, right? Well, far from it. In fact, banner images are still getting clicked right crazy, which is why they still represent the number one type of online advertising, period, and this trend continues to grow year after year.

Suffice it to say that…

Without graphics and images, the internet would come to a screeching halt.

Businesses use them to generate interest in their brand, create clicks from consumers and drives sales to their products and services. People use images to share who they are, where they’ve been, what they’ve eaten for lunch and where they want to be tomorrow.

So why are all these crazy facts and charts about online images important to you? Well, here’s the big takeaway, if you’re not making money right now with graphics and photos and images, you’re missing out on one of the most lucrative cash cows online.

So how can you actually make money with photos and images starting right now? Here are nine different ways that you can use to turn images into a part time or full time income for yourself.

  • Number One: Earn $25 to $83 per hour as a freelance “Photoshop ninja.” Graphic designers are in high demand, and with just a few skills under your belt, you can command fees like that yourself.
  • Number Two: Sell your throwaway cellphone photos and snapshots at stock image sites. This is a tremendous source of passive income that virtually nobody knows about.
  • Number Three: Create t-shirt designs and sell them on sites like Teespring.
  • Number Four: Start an Etsy store and sell your photos as decorative wall art.
  • Number Five: Create promotional video montages for local businesses.
  • Number Six: Make money with a how-to Udemy information product.
  • Number Seven: Publish a children’s book to Amazon Kindle. These books come together quickly and easily and they’re largely image-based.
  • Number Eight: Become a highly paid book cover designer. Get good at this skill and you can charge thousands of dollars for a single book cover that will take you less than half a day to complete.
  • Number Nine: Create thematic photo calendars from your digital images. These calendars come together quickly and easily, and they are virtual gold mine.

There are really so many more ways that regular folks are earning real money with graphics and digital photos and images right now.

There’s really no mystery to it. Literally, anybody can do this even if you have zero design skills, and here’s the secret, you’re just going to need to learn a handful of ninja tricks using every designer secret weapon.

Of course, that’s Photoshop.

Now, hold on, before you start thinking that Photoshop is too difficult to learn or maybe too expensive to use, I’ve got some very surprising news for you. First, did you know that you can access this amazingly powerful tool for only $10?

That’s right, please don’t spend $700 on Photoshop becauseyou can get it at a 98 percent discount, and secondly, Photoshop is actually fun and easy to learn. In fact, this tool is extremely user friendly. Like anything else, it’s just a matter of learning a couple of tricks of the trade and knowing where to find what you need when you need it.

In fact, with the right training, you can learn just about everything that you’ll ever need to know about Photoshop in about three hours’ time. Yes, on a Saturday afternoon.

Now, here’s literally all that you need.

Introducing PS Instant Expert.


It’s over-the-shoulder training created by a 23-year Photoshop veteran that will take you by the hand and start you out from the very beginning, familiarize you with some of the most important Photoshop tools and techniques, give you some tips and tricks that will make your images pop, show you a couple of advanced techniques once you’ve mastered the basics.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.11.11 PM

We’ll throw in some super ninja stuff that will make you look like you’ve been doing this for years, and finally, show you how to quickly and easily finish off your photos and images to make them sparkle and shine.

That’s right, we’ll take you step by step, from newbie to expert, showing you exactly what you need to know and nothing that you don’t so that you can experience success with this very powerful tool.

All told, you’ll be receiving 34 brand new, over-the-shoulder how-to Photoshop videos that will take you from a Photoshop novice to an instant expert in about the time that it would take you to watch a movie on Netflix.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.15.09 PM

Of course, all this Photoshop training has been created by Mr. Photoshop himself, that’s right, master photographer and graphic designer, Tony Laidig, and not only does Tony have 23 years of Photoshop expertise, but he’s also a fantastic teacher. Just listen to what some of his students have to say…

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.11.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.11.47 PM

Lonnie Moseley sums it up for lots of Tony’s students, she says…

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.11.55 PM

Now, Tony typically charges new clients and students $500 for a private consultation. But for a very limited time, you now have an opportunity to learn these valuable skills from the master himself for the price of a movie ticket and a tub of popcorn.

Because in addition to the PS Instant Expert core training that I just described to you, you’ll also be getting a $295 bonus, 7 Photoshop quick fixes, showing you how to quickly and easily perform seven of the most common Photoshop tasks like removing backgrounds from images, creating beautiful color silhouettes, and even restoring old photographs.




But that’s not all, not even close, because you’ll also be getting handy PDF reference guides to all 41 of these video trainings. All told, these PDF guides add up to an incredible 246 pages of Photoshop instructions and these are absolutely loaded with full color screen shots just like you see here, so you’re not going to miss out on any of the action in the videos.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.13.07 PM

But wait, there are lots more, because as an additional bonus worth $195, we’re also going to be sending you our 3-day Photoshop Cash Machine showing you the number one surefire can’t miss secret to making money with Photoshop in the next 72 hours from right now. Yes, even if you’ve never done this before, this single trick can earn you ten times what your investment is in this system.

If all that wasn’t enough, it gets even better, because you’re also getting resale rights to the entire PS Instant Expert course, giving you yet one more way to profit from this content. Believe it or not, we have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars so far in 2014 from high-quality products with resale rights just like this one, and now you’re going to be able to profit not just from this training, but by offering this training to other people as well.

Guess what, it gets even better, because you’ll also receive lifetime access to our push button header and banner image creation tool loaded up with hundreds of graphics and effects and banner templates that you can customize any way that you like. You can certainly use these headers and banners to promote your own business or you could sell them as a service to other people of your choice.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.13.58 PM

Pretty cool software, right? Well, we’re not quite done yet because last, but not least, we’ll be sending you a back door link that you can use right now to access Photoshop at a 98 percent discount, saving you literally hundreds of dollars off the regular price.

So let’s cut to the chase. What is the real-world value of the PS Instant Expert system and all of our exclusive bonuses? Well, let’s have a quick look at what are some of the other Photoshop courses are charging to learn these moneymaking skills.

You’ll pay $438 for this Photoshop training, or you could $499 for this Photoshop course. Yes, some people are even charging $1,700 for how-to Photoshop training just like this, and people are happy to pay these prices because the demand for these Photoshop skills are incredible and these skills will never go out of style.


So based upon the prices of similar Photoshop courses like these, I think it’s safe to say that we could easily charge $495 just for the PS Instant Expert core training alone. In fact, let’s add it all up right now, 246 pages of full color PDF guides with Photoshop quick fixes, the 3-day Photoshop Cash Machine, the Instant Image Pro software are 98% discounted Photoshop backdoor link, and last but not least, full resale right to the entire PS Instant Expert training, which adds up to a total value of over $2,400.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.16.33 PM

But don’t worry, you won’t pay anything close to that for this training, although we could easily charge $999, and $499 would be a very reasonable price for this package. But $299, no way. No, not even $99.

Because for a very limited time, you can access this huge package of Photoshop tools and training and software for only $27.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.16.45 PM

Yes, you absolutely heard that right, so at this point, you may be asking why are we practically giving away the farm on this very special deal. Well, that’s a great question, but it’s simple, we’re offering you this steep discount because we want you to take action with this training and enjoy the massive success that you so deserve, and then come back and purchase more of our high-quality products just like this one.

In fact, it’s a win-win for both of us, and if that sounds fair to you, all that’s left for you to do at this point is to take action.


Go ahead and click on the add to cart button and you’ll have instant access to this entire system within 60 seconds.

Now, please remember, this is a very time-sensitive offer. In fact, it will disappear on Monday, June 2nd, which means that you must act right now to lock in this moneymaking training and all the bonuses at this unbelievable price.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.10.51 PM

This could be the breakthrough that you deserve because businesses are completely desperate for your help. They’re looking for designers to help them with their Facebook fan pages, their headers, their banners, their logos, e-book covers, information graphics, websites, blogs. There are millions of people who are in the market for a Photoshop training just like this, and now you can sell it to them with the resale rights that we’re including with this package.

Design newbies are earning thousands of dollars per day, no kidding, by selling basic t-shirt designs just like this, and we’re going to show you how. Book cover designers like Tony Laidig are charging over $1,500 over and over again for a job that only takes them about two to four hours to complete. Now, how is that for return on investment.

Amateur photo bugs are creating powerful passive income streams by selling their images on sites like Shutterstock.com, and now you too can generate income like this whenever you want working from the comfort of your home if you have the right training, and if you have a mentor with a proven track record of success like Tony Laidig, this is your chance. You must take action now because once this special offer is gone, it will be gone for good. I guarantee we will never ever offer it at this price ever again.

Now is the time to lock it all in, the PS Instant Expert training and the almost $2,000 worth of bonuses.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.07.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.06.59 PM


Don’t forget, you’re going to be covered completely by our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, which means that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, all these for $27 including resale rights.

But you simply must take action now because this special offer will not be available if you come back to this page at a later date. Now is the time, click on the Add to Cart button below tfor instant access to this valuable business in the box while you still can.

The PS Instant Expert Package

You get everything for only…






If you are not thrilled with our  package, just let us know within 30 days of your investment and we will refund 100% of your purchase. No mess, no fuss, no worries. After 30 days, all sales are final.


If you need assistance, please open a ticket at www.jjfasthelp.com



Jay Boyer, John S. Rhodes and Tony Laidig