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The truth is that people share images more than ANY OTHER type of content on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet.

Photos make up 75% of all Facebook marketing posts…
video’s just 4% … ha!  Consider how much money you can make (or charge!) if you had the right skills.  Whoah Nelly, we’re talking big cash.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there will be 13%increase in demand for graphic designers for the next 6 years in a row.  Talk about JOB SECURITY, right?

I could go on all day with statistics and charts, but here’s the bottom line…

Images, graphics, banners… are more important than any other  type of “communication” — more than text, more than video!  (But, about 100 times easier to master.)

This is a “trend” that is chuggin’ along like a runaway freight train.

Now here’s the question…
HOW can YOU make money with images?

Well, it’s simple.  I swear, it’s really easy if you have the ONE CRITICAL SKILL…

That’s PhotoShop. But fear not!  I will explain how you can master it in 3 years (or less). Then you get to make money hand over fist.

There are so many ways to make money with Photoshop — creating book covers, designing products, selling stock images, creating icons and logos, publishing Kindle picture books, restoring old photos, developing ad banners, Photoshopping lovely ladlies… you know there’s an ocean of opportunity and the cash is sloshing around. 

Listen –!

two-face-girl You can do this whole Photoshop thing for yourself and get a little greedy (shhhh!) because you can use images to create stuff that you own, that you sell, and you get 100% of the profits. No sharing. 

Or, you can do it all “quick-n-dirty” and just collect HUGE checks as a freelancer.  Or, maybe youjust wana dazzle folks at work and lock in a 8% raise and enjoy job security.

  • Sell Your Images (stock images, icons, logos, backgrounds…)
  • Freelance Mercenary (original creations, retouching, hi-bid designs…)
  • Drive Viral Traffic (Facebook banners that dazzle and get shared…)
  • Digital Product Alpha Dog (publish books, create trainings, and more…)

But really, there’s waaaaaay more: calendars, Etsy stores, catalogs, framed prints, decals, wallpapers, photo-to-video, posters…

Simple Skills…
That Pay The Bills!

One of the best and easiest ways to make money with images is to create hot selling t-shirts and selling ’em like crazy, like this… make hundreds (even thousands) –!


In 15-20 minutes, you can have a t-shirt design that matches the vision in your brain, without spending some guy $300 to do it, and arguing with him, and waiting days as he holds your cash hostage! 

Or, make money by opening an Etsy store… make $42 (or more!) for “wall art” … 


Or, create an information product and sell it on Udemy for $97 or more… easy sneezy!


You’ve got the idea… it’s time to strike, with Photoshop. Collect the cash, BEFORE someone steals your idea and hits the market faster than you.  Open up Photoshop and make it happen now. 

But, perhaps you’re thinking… “Photoshop is too hard” —

Photoshop is NOT Too Hard!

happy-babyThe problem isn’t Photoshop. The problem is there’s no simple training out there for you. 

Think about it. 

Cars are super complex and “car buffs” get all weird about turbo stuff, fuel injection, drive trains, flathead engines, glass pack mufflers, CFM, IFS, small blocks, stovebolts… I mean, damn! Don’t you just drive? Hit the gas, go!

The Photoshop crowd does the same thing and usually they get all funky and weird.  
I swear, it’s like a cult and they want to keep people out — those folks who aren’t purist are kept outta the club.  (Screw that!)

“Master Photoshop Fast, Like This…”  

Don’t you want to learn how to quickly fix or “tune up” anything with Photoshop?

And, never be a slave to Photoshop again. Learn to do this, in 3 hours or less:


And this…


And this too…



With the right trainer and the right training, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY… it’s child’s play in 2-3 hours. Grab the bull by the horns, and love every minute of it.  Finally!

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I promise to give you a “secret” backdoor to get Photoshop for less than the price of a pizza. Not kidding, we’ve got a way to (ethically and legally!) give you Photoshop for… get this … $10.

Yup.  You read that right.  Get Photoshop software $10.

It ain’t all crippled. It’s not restricted, or damaged. It’s not over on eBay, or anything.  We have a unique way for YOU to get the full power of Photoshop for a whopping $10.  (Cue cRazY laughing here…)

So, now it’s time to bring all the magic together for you in ONE place. 

Yes, YOU can make piles of cash with Photoshop now and in the future. YOU can get the skills you want starting today.  YOU can also get your hands on Photoshop for peanuts. 


PS Instant Expert


You’re first getting our brand new PS Instant Expert “core training” that is available for instant download for you today.  Right now. 

It’s the highest quality video training course available… showing you how to create dazzling images and how to make money from your photos, icons, graphics, and more. Become brilliant with Photoshop in 3 hours, or less… GUARANTEED.

Every frustration, all the pain just goes away. The obstacles are eliminated today and forever, because this includes everything YOU need, right now.

These are your 7 core video modules (42 brand new videos):

  • “Photoshop Speed Demon” Getting Started System
  • The Golden Image Editing and Transformation System
  • “King Kong” Image Filtering Success System
  • The Legendary Layer and Image Stacking System 
  • The Text Transformation “T-Rex” System 
  • Magic Wands, Ultimate Marquee and Lasso Tool Mastery
  • “Wizard of Oz” Gallery, Quick Spiffy, and Ultra Style System

And, in case you were wondering or if you missed it above, you can get your hands on Photoshop itself for just $10 through a backdoor link that we’ve got for you. (Save $689 today!)

More importantly…

You Get 8 Step-By-Step PDF Guides

Introduction, handling files, editing images, using the tools, layers, text, filters, and way more…

And, these are legendary cheatsheets and reference guides not lame or wimpy. 


We’re talking about 246 pages of pure joy! 

This is easily worth $150 because there’s zero fluff and it’s ultra laser targeted. It’s the best of the best. It’s the champion. It’s the all-in-one… everything you need to read, and reference.  

Print it out or just use it straight up on your computer or tablet, or however you want. You’re the boss.

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To be perfectly clear: You do not need to pay us commissions or royalties or anything lame like that. It’s your product, your asset, YOUR business.  

With so many people desperate for help, this thing practically sells itself. You can learn Photoshop for yourself, of course, but think of all those people — and businesses — that need this training. You can sell it them and keep all the cash.

And, to make this easy as pie to sell we’re giving you an additional gift.
Included today, you’re getting a professionally written, fully formatted sales letter. Drop in your name, your payment link, load it up, and you can start collecting payments.


And yes, we’re also giving you a download page so you can deliver this entire course to your customers. No mess, no fuss. Easy to get started. 

We have never offered this course before so this is fresh -n- hot and it’s so easy to sell. But, this is only available for a short time, during this sale, which ends on June 2nd.

So, you’re getting all the video trainings, the PDFs, the sales letter, the download page, with RESALE RIGHTS, but we’re still not done… 

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Bonus #1 — The 3-Day Cash Machine ($195 value)

brown-boxDiscover the absolutely BEST way to make money with Photoshop in the next 72 hours… this just plain works and everyone LOVES it.

  • Even if you’ve never touched Photoshop.
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This is easily worth $195 and could be an entire training system by itself. But, you get the 3-Day Cash Machine FREE today, as our gift… so that you get maximum return on investment. It’s a proven system and it makes you feel the full power of Photoshop and your new skills.

Bonus #2 — Instant Image Pro Software ($295 value)

You get lifetime access to our…


This is our PREMIUM push-button header and banner creation software…

And, it’s loaded up with hundreds of graphics, special effects, and header and banner templates that you can customize any way that you like!  Just take a look…


Wowzers, right?

Here’s a quick review of everything you’re getting right now…

Included Component Estimated Value
The PS Instant Expert Core Course with 42 Videos $495.00
Resale License for PS Instant Expert Course $295.00
Sales Page and Download Pages $1000.00
8 Step-By-Step PDF “Cheatsheets” (246 pages) $150.00
The 3-Day Cash Machine $195.00
Instant Image Pro Software $295.00
Photoshop $10 Backdoor “Secret Link” $689.00
7 Photoshop “Quick Fixes” (Case Studies) $295.00
Lifetime skills, breakthrough success, fun…! INVALUABLE
TOTAL VALUE: $3,414.00+

I could very easily get all wEird and stuff and start the price at $997, or $497, or $297, or even $97 and then play games or something. But, I’m not going to do that…

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The PS Instant Expert Package

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If you are not thrilled with our  package, just let us know within 30 days of your investment and we will refund 100% of your purchase. No mess, no fuss, no worries. After 30 days, all sales are final.


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Jay Boyer, John S. Rhodes and Tony Laidig