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Reopening: Monday, May 25th – Sunday, May 31st

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Everything kicks off at 11:00 am EDT on Monday, May 25th, 2016.

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Jay Boyer   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: boyer.wood)
Tony Laidig (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: tony.laidig)

WHY PROMOTE “PS Instant Expert”?

This is one our most popular and best-converting products ever, with affiliates averaging $2.32 epc’s across the board (and many affiliates seeing MUCH higher earnings than that). That’s because our front end VSL converted in double digits for most of our affiliates for this $27 product, and our $97 oto has been averaging 29% conversions.This is also a tremendous value for your subscribers. The front end offer alone contains 40+ Photoshop Tutorial Videos created by “Mr. Photoshop” Tony Laidig himself, as well as out “Instant Image Pro” software tool, and (wait for it…) resale rights to the entire training!


We’ve paid out over $200,000 commission to a small handful of affiliates over our last 2 product launches alone, and we’re building the PS Instant Expert funnel to be even more lucrative for our affiliate partners:

  1. PS Instant Expert Package: $27
  2. PS Instant Expert Platinum Upgrade: $97
  3. PS Instant Expert Silver Upgrade: $39
  4. Future J.J. Fast Launches (automatic lifetime commissions – see below)

WHAT IS “PS Instant Expert“?

There’s several reasons why your subscribers will absolutely love this PS Instant Expert. First, this contains step-by-step Photoshop training — 50+ Tutorial Videos + PDF Guides created by “Mr. Photoshop” Tony Laidig himself! These brand-new over the shoulder tutorials are the most comprehensive Photoshop training series ever created, showing people how to save time and money by mastering basic Photoshop skills & techniques. From creating ebook covers to photo retouching to logo design and graphical sales pages, this course covers everything that you’ll ever need to know & do with Photoshop.In addition to Tony’s over-the-shoulder training, we’re also offering our “Instant Image Pro” software tool. This powerful drag-and-drop software will allow buyers to create banners and headers with the click of a mouse for themselves and their clients. And as if that weren’t enough, we’re offering resale rights to this entire video training package, which will add yet another layer of value and massively increase conversions and EPC’s for you!


  • 50% of all sales ($13.50-$62.00 net commissions per sale)
  • 1st full payment sent 5-7 days after webinar (extremely fast payout).
  • Replay sales and residuals paid out every 30 days.
  • Lifetime lead tracking used so our hosts get commissions on all future internal launches. This has put many thousands of dollars of “found money” into the hands of our partners.

All of your leads will be hard-cookied via our Nanacast affiliate system to YOU, meaning that you’ll be receiving commission for all future product purchases made by your traffic moving forward. As you know, we’re always launching and paying out lifetime commissions!


We can give you access to the product. We provide access 1-to-1 with a username and password. Please just ask! You will have your own login account and we will provide access to the member’s area so that you can see how everything is presented and look through the materials for yourself. We can also provide access to any of our other products, including other super popular products. Again, just let us know.


Jay has paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions to our partners and affiliates. We estimate that over $150,000 is highly passive, residual commissions. This is because we use lifetime lead tracking and hard database cookies. When we launch *internally* our JV partners and affiliates get 50% of all sales. For example, on a recent small launch over a weekend… we paid out over $12K to our affiliates although no outside JV traffic was used. Furthermore, we have an impenetrable balance sheet and we pay out like clockwork. We are super reliable business partners. 

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