ANGLE: I didn’t know photoshop… but now I do and make $$ (oh yeah here’s how to profit, and here’s $10 photoshop)

SUBJ: Be a designer in 1-2-3: create/upload/profit
SUBJ: You can now be a pro designer… [essential “tricks” inside]
SUBJ: You can design your own graphics (instant Photoshop training)
SUBJ: It’s as easy as uploading an image file…
SUBJ: What’s better than earning from a simple design?
SUBJ: “ESP” photoshop “skill-transfer”… 2-3 hours max
SUBJ: Bet you never considered: Photoshop design = $$$ [serious]
SUBJ: Stop messing around and start uploading images! (for $$..!?)


I never really gave too much thought about Photoshop.

It all just seemed way too complicated. I never had the artistic “know-how” to do anything worthwhile… There’s just too many buttons!

So when I came across this training from John Rhodes, Jay Boyer, and Tony Laidig that claimed that I could become a Photoshop “master” in less than a day… I pretty much thought, “uh huh, suuure.”

However, I watched their free video that showed how much designers earn on average for simple graphics.

I’m talking over $150,000 annually.

You can see that on none other than monster.com!

To top it all off, it’s the most unlikely people you could ever imagine who were able to start off from knowing nothing — to achieving unbelievable results in record time.

Yep… in under a day!

Proof right here: http://nanacast.com/vp/118469/XXXXX/


So I was a little curious…

After clawing my way inside the training, I was literally speechless.

It’s the reason I am writing you today!

They show you what makes a profitable image, and then how to profit from those “keepers”.

Its things I never would have considered!

Without so much as a breath, they show a surplus of ways that professional designers earn residual income from their work…

Every. Single. Day.

It’s as easy as uploading an image you design, and then profiting when people download it!

Do you see why designers want to keep this stuff to themselves?

You can see all that right here: http://nanacast.com/vp/118469/XXXXX/

I’ll be honest with you.

Yeah… I’m a little salty.

I’ve been wasting my time creating products, struggling with Facebook & email marketing, and messing around with all this internet marketing stuff… When all along I could just upload some images!

Oh well, live and learn right?

…The best part?

They hook you up with the latest and greatest version of Photoshop starting at $10…

= = = > http://nanacast.com/vp/118469/XXXXX/

Then they hold your hand with “insider” Photoshop knowledge.

Believe it:

If someone like me is able to follow this stuff and see instant success, so can you.

Not only do they give you all the tricks of the trade and essential skills, but they also reveal ways to profit from your creative work right from the get-go.

You really shouldn’t miss this, there’s no risk at all (these guys are truly awesome):

= = > http://nanacast.com/vp/118469/XXXXX/

To your success,


p.s. Did I mention they are hooking you up with Photoshop for $10?
Legally as well! Too bad it won’t last long… (how could it?). So don’t hold your breath! I’ve never seen anything like this…

It’s really almost too much to handle.